Where Oceans Meet

King Carl Gustaf receives a gift from me while Park Ranger looks on.

Presentation to Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf at Cape Point -10th February, 1996

While I was working part-time at the Two Oceans Curio Shop in the Cape Point Nature Reserve during 1996, a lightning tour of the reserve was arranged for King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, who was in the country for a few days to visit Nelson Mandela.

Having been inspired by the majestic natural surroundings, I had just completed the lyrics for a song I hoped to produce, “Where Oceans Meet”. Then management approached me to fill in the king’s “Two Oceans Certificate”, ornately in calligraphy, which is something I used to do for others who purchased it, if time permitted. I was also asked to do the official presentation to the king the next day.

That evening I had a brainwave. I decided to dedicate the words of my new “song” to the visiting monarch and add it to his new certificate. Maybe it was a little naive of me, but I had no ulterior motive, save to please an esteemed visitor to our beloved shores. I was sure that everything else in the lives of such celebrities was structured and rehearsed, to the point of boredom. Hopefully this gesture would come as a pleasant surprise!

Well, all went according to plan and I was summoned to a lookout point where I quickly handed over the material. (See photo) I remember that I forgot to say “Your Majesty”, using the the more common term “Sir” instead.

A short while after returning to the curio shop, the ranger came in huffing and puffing. He demanded to know what I had given to the king? Apparently, King Gustaf had boarded the waiting tour bus, seated himself at the rear, opened his “gift” and began to read. He was engrossed with it for a long time, and could not be disturbed by those who were anxious to get on with the program.

I agreed to make a copy for the ranger, who left the shop mumbling …

So the King of Sweden got to meet me personally, in addition to Nelson Mandela.

Here are the lyrics:  (The original had the narration typed in small print alongside the main verses)


1   There is a place where oceans meet
Waves pounding on the shore
It’s at this point
It’s at this point
At this point In Africa
Where gulls and spirits soar

2   There’s memory in the misty hue
And there’s a light that beckons you

3   A timeless place where strangers meet
Man and nature, eye to eye

4   There’s a reason for the morning dew
And there’s a Light to beckon you

5   Come traveler, you’ve come to claim
Your birthright from afar
A souvenir
A souvenir
At this point in Africa
Of who you really are

6   There’s purpose in the oceans blue
And there’s a light to beckon you

Repeat: There’s memory in the misty hue
And there’s a light that beckons you


1st Verse
When people the world over are given the opportunity to explore foreign places, many choose to visit Africa where they feel “compelled” to stand at the perceived tip of that vast continent. Here, they can gaze across two joining oceans, a natural phenomenon of merging currents, which stretches out dramatically from the craggy shore to meet a full horizon. At this moment and at this particular place, Cape Point – South Africa, they will witness nature as intended … undisturbed and free … as free as the seabirds overhead. They will feel their own spirits rise, as if given wings to fly.

2nd Verse
It is at such moments that man reflects inwardly. Instinctively he knows that he is part of all he now beholds. But somehow, he seems to have lost touch. There is a hazy recollection that we were born in harmony with nature … free of greed, prejudice and fear … full of natural gifts … potential! But this reality has become clouded by the mists of time. And, just as the Cape Point Lighthouse towers majestically overhead as a symbol of hope for stricken souls, so there is a divine guiding light above, if we would heed it.

3rd Verse
An eternal truth is unveiled here, where not only oceans but man and oceans meet – so distanced from each other that they have now become virtual strangers. On reflection this great truth dawns … you’re at the point of self discovery. You see the balance that is necessary and how you can play your part to achieve it. You recognize that you must live in harmony with everyone and everything around you. You understand, perhaps for the very first time, that this is what your life is all about.

4th Verse
Every single thing upon this earth, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, has a similar reason for being. Under the bright beacon, your ray of conscience is rekindled. You become aware again.

5th Verse
You who are seeking are now free to take this knowledge with you … if only to take down from the shelf to dust off occasionally. As a permanent reminder. Or to share with others that they may be inspired to make a similar voyage of self-discovery.

6th Verse
There was a greater purpose for your coming to this place where two oceans meet. There was an inner light which compelled you … to give you new direction.

There's as light to beckon you

The Old Cape Point Lighthouse


One thought on “Where Oceans Meet

  1. Bruce, this is so beautiful. What a wonderful gift to give a man who probably had pretty much everything, but a sense of peacefulness and of being one with nature. I would like to think that the King of Sweden re-read your inspiring verses and words often. 😀 xx

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