Paper Love

Love is in the air



The original copy of this little poem, handwritten in illuminated calligraphy on scented parchment, was presented to my lady. Who knows what became of it although I still have my calligraphy pens!


Imagine we are making love
Upon this scented sheet
Beneath the soft lamplight we move
Between these lines we meet

Now feel the rhythm of my pen
My urgency to write
The words I long to whisper when
I hold you close at night

Until at last the ink like blood
Explodes inside my veins
Unpunctuated feelings flood
As ecstasy proclaims!

In afterglow of passion spent
This paper to the touch
Reminds you of the love that’s meant
The kind that spells so much



The same in any language



2 thoughts on “Paper Love

  1. Dear Bruce,
    This poem is so tender and absolutely wonderful! How old were you when you wrote it? I like every line of it!
    I’ve got an idea to make a poetry corner and collect there poems my talented friends write! You remember, long ago there were albums with poems people wrote to each other.. and shares and decorated. In our digital world it’s harder to do, but yours we can at least decorate with some stamps. Oh, one more idea!! I have some stamps connected with LOVE 🙂

    • Hey thanks, Christina! It seems so long ago yet I guess I would have been in my mid thirties. I remember completing it in calligraphy in a posh hotel room on a business trip somewhere, as I travelled a lot in those days when I was an Advertising Manager. I used to take my art and writing stuff with me wherever I went so had something constructive to do on the many nights away from home (instead of wasting time in bars etc. – had already done enough of that!). That is also how I managed to do so much work on my “Magnus Opus” – my personalized postal history Family Tree and stamp collection.

      Lovely idea of yours to create a Love Poem Blog. You can make a super masthead for it. (I can help you with that if you like – What do you think of my new one?)

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